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Video Marketing

For the modern business owner, video content is not just an important part of a marketing…

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Video Editing

Allow us to edit a video that you’ve already recorded to enhance its quality and match…

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Showcase your business with professional images of you on the job, in your office, and with…

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What Does Fuse Marketing & Media Offer?

Hear about some of our most popular services in this video!

About Fuse Marketing & Media

Fuse Marketing & Media is a series of Fuse Empire. Fuse Marketing & Media (FUSE) helps small businesses build a strong and consistent brand to create trust and loyalty that is sustainable for decades! We offer marketing and media services that include creating a full branding strategy that incorporates your mission and vision into a story that allows FUSE to use your brand identity and messaging for proper brand positioning and maintaining your brand image and message month by month. Learn more about the owner here:

Founder and CEO, Barbara Carr

Social Media Workshop

Would you like to set your social media marketing up to automate FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR so that you can focus on what you truly enjoy in your business? This is a one-day workshop that is only offered once per quarter. Don't wait any longer, register for our next workshop now!

Our Dream Team

Barbara Carr, CEO


Barbara Carr is a Kingdom-driven business leader, national influencer, and professional speaker. Barbara is the founder…


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