When managed by a skilled writer and blogger, a consistently updated blog can be a boon, serving as a way to brand awareness while offering a significant boost to your brand’s SEO. Additionally, it can provide relevant and useful content for your target audience, which both demonstrates your knowledge and overall expertise in your field, but also creates a connection
with prospective customers before they’ve even followed through with the purchase. This type of connection can then be nurtured into sales and a happy customer base. Our team includes capable and compelling writers who are dedicated to creating entertaining and well-researched blog posts that address your customer’s needs.

Each blog post is around 1,000 words (which is typically about 4-5 paragraphs). We do the proper research to create a trustworthy brand for you and we properly cite sources when applicable. We use keywords strategically so that you get found more often on the internet.

Some clients prefer to give us a list of topics to write about while others want us to just make sure we are covering popular, trending, or education topics in their industry at our own discretion. Either way is fine with us. Some clients prefer to read and approve the blog before it is posted and others don’t want to be involved, they just want to make sure they are being seen as the expert and are curating loyal fans – however we need to do so! Either way is fine with us. We’re happy to meet you at the level you’re comfortable with.

After you make payment for any of the below options, someone from our team will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs with you and get started on your project.

Monthly Blogging Package

With our Monthly Blogging Package, we write and post four blogs per month on your behalf. We post one blog per week, as you, on your website or on LinkedIn. As a loyal customer that relies on us monthly to increase your brand exposure, credibility, and search engine optimization, we offer you these blogs at a discounted rate.

With this package, we not only write the blogs, but we also post them for you so you don’t have to worry about getting them out there to the world. We require a 3-month minimum commitment to receive this discounted rate. The price for this is $250 per month.

Bundle of Blogs

If you aren’t ready to make a 3-month commitment, but still want a discounted “bulk” rate, you may be interested in our 5 Pack Bundle of Blogs. The price for this is a one-time fee of $300 and gives you five blogs that you can use with us anytime you want. You could use them all at once and post them at your discretion or you could call us whenever you need one written. We require 7 to 10 days notice to write the blog before you need to post it. With this option, we do NOT post the blog for you, we simply write it for you and share it with you via Google Drive (or email if you don’t use Google Drive).

Just One Blog

Do you just need one blog right now or want to try us out before committing to several blogs at a discount? No worries, we understand. You can buy just one blog at a time at our regular rate, which is $100 per blog.