Private Coaching with Barbara Carr

This offer is only available at this low price for a limited time and is only open by invitation, such as attending one of Barbara’s speaking presentations or having a one-to-one with her. Please do not share this link with others – it is not able to be found without the link.

What you’ll get from this training:

  • one hour Zoom meeting with Barbara Carr each month (you pick the time and day)
  • strategy time with Barbara during your monthly calls to help you set up your plans, and overcome the obstacles you’re facing
  • resources and ideas from “Barbara’s Brain” and her experiences
  • accountability to reach your goals
  • inclusion in Barbara’s private “Tools, Tips, and Training to Grow Your Business” Facebook Group

What’s expected from you as a trainer:

  • show up on time to our meetings
  • do your best to not have to reschedule our set meetings
  • come with an open mind to learn and grow
  • embrace being called out if you aren’t doing what you say you’ll do
  • expect homework – usually simple and easy, but very impactful
  • be honest with your struggles so you can get the right help to overcome them

How the payments work:

  • When you click “Subscribe Now” below, you’ll set up your payment account through PayPal or with a credit or debit card. You will NOT make a payment at this time, although it WILL ask you for your payment information (for future processing).
  • Exactly 2 weeks from the date you do the first bullet point, $200 will withdraw from your account (that you set up in step 1) and move into our company account.
  • Every 1 month from the date of the first $200 payment, the same thing will happen automatically for you and us.
  • We require a 6 month minimum agreement. So this will happen for at least 6 payments. If you wish to stop your coaching at this time, just let us know or cancel it yourself through PayPal. If you do not cancel or ask us to cancel it, it will remain active and your coaching will continue at this low rate as long as you keep it active. If you cancel and want to come back another time, you’ll have to pay whatever the current rate is at the time you return.
  • After our coaching is complete, you’re welcome to stay in the private training group for as long as you’d like. You become a lifetime member of that group by participating in this opportunity.