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Fuse Marketing & Media Reviews

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 5 ratings)

There isn’t a day that goes by that I am not using something that I learned from their service!

Fuse Marketing & Media offered a 30-day class in social media (Tools, Tips, and Training to Grow Your Business) taught by Barbara Carr. This was one of the most useful seminars I have ever attended. Each session was well prepared and offered lots of tips and tricks to using social media better. As the owner of Hometown Happenings, the sessions made me realize what was missing from my own online presence and gave me the tools needed to make the desired changes. Even the sessions that did not necessarily apply to my business were still useful as it allowed me to know what other options were out there.

Following this, I had Fuse Marketing & Media & Barbara Carr do a 100 Point Online Presence Analysis which tells you how others view your online presence. Wow! What a difference this made! Included in the package was a 30-minute session with Barbara Carr where she goes over each of the points with you to make sure you understand her analysis. Fuse then emails you the full report that you can print off and use as well as a recording of your talk with Barbara to refer back to. I am now using this report to make the necessary changes to make my business better.

Since working with Fuse Marketing & Media, there isn’t a day that goes by that I am not using something that I learned from their service. I highly recommend them for working with you to improve their business.

Tim Fealy

It was mind-blowing, totally amazing!

We spent every day (except Sundays) at 2:00 on a Zoom call with her learning various media marketing tools… it was mind-blowing, totally amazing. This was excellent training; each unit was unique, helpful, and well explained. Applying what we learned each day helped with understanding. I appreciate the knowledge shared and the thoroughness of the training!

Kim Hall

This is Some of the Best Training I’ve Ever Had!

This is some of the best training I have ever had! I have never been very tech-savvy. She has changed that for me, I have taken my business to the next level just from attending her classes. She a Wealth of knowledge and very Passionate about what she does and makes learning things Fun. I would recommend taking her classes if you are looking to grow your business. Thanks Barbara !!!!

Janice Swinney

Amazing Blogging!

Fuse has streamlined my blogging with quality content that has kept my business relevant and has paid for itself in lead generation. I couldn’t recommend them more!

Isaac Carr

Great customer service

Very knowledgeable wealth of information learned so much from the class I took . And my website really is top notch very professional. Thank you . I will definitely refer others.

Debbie George