5 Reasons Your Business Should Be Blogging (and 5 Reasons It Shouldn’t)

Business owners are always looking for ways to connect with customers and build their company’s brand, and for many of them, the best option is to create a business blog. Blogging is generally seen as one of the best ways to build brand awareness and engage with your target audience, and it has been recently reported that marketers who prioritize blogging efforts are 13x more like to see a positive ROI. However, blogging comes with money and time investment, and depending on your current business goals, it might not be the best option for you. If you have been considering it though, here are five reasons your business should be blogging… along with five reasons it shouldn’t.  

Reasons You Should Be Blogging

Search Engine Optimization

This is fairly simple to understand: as long as you are willing to optimize your blog posts with relevant keywords and topics, they offer you multiple opportunities for your business to appear in search results, which results in more web traffic, sales, and customer engagement. 

Customer Engagement

Speaking of customer engagement, blogging can be a powerful tool for you to connect with your existing customer base while also reaching out to potential customers as well. Blogs are generally more personal and humanizing than other forms of marketing, and by maintaining an active comment section, you can respond directly to your customer base, which is great for building trust and relationships. 

Generate Leads

Research has shown that B2B marketers that use blogs get 67% more leads than those that do not, as they are excellent for generating customer interest. Even older blog posts can help you get noticed if they are relevant, insightful, or provide the answer to a question that visitors are looking for. Simply put, the lead generation power of blogging beats many more traditional methods, especially when you factor in the time and cost. 

Demonstrate Expertise

No matter how big your business is, one of the keys to building an effective brand is to instill in customers that you are an expert in your field. Blogging is a good way to do this, as it allows you to write at length on topics relevant to your industry and your target audience. People who read your blog can see first hand that you are knowledgeable and insightful, and by addressing questions that they are asking, you provide value for your customers before they have even bought anything, which makes them all the more willing to do business with you. 

Generate Customer Value

Regardless of what industry you are in, one of the most important things that your business should be doing is providing something of value to your customers. This doesn’t apply exclusively to the products and services you provide either: whether it be through free resources or special offers, businesses often provide customers with additional sources of value to strengthen their relationships with them and build brand loyalty. If you are blogging on topics that are relevant to customers, you create opportunities to provide something valuable to them, which in turn provides value for your business. 

Reasons You Shouldn’t Be Blogging

Misaligned Goals 

One of the common mistakes seen with many first-time business bloggers is that entrepreneurs and business leaders go into it without any clear goals in mind. Blogging can lead to several positive outcomes for businesses, including increased web traffic and customer engagement. It is important to note that this doesn’t always add up to sales though, so if sales generation is your number one concern, your time and money could probably be better spent elsewhere.   

Brand Confusion

One of the most important things for building a respected business brand is consistency. No matter what platform people encounter your business, there should always be a clear thought line and uniformity to it. A blog can help with this, but it can be difficult to balance the personal voice that goes into writing a blog and the voice of the business.

Time Commitment 

While there are many ways that a blog can benefit a business, they only come into play if a blog is consistently updated with new content. However, entrepreneurs are busy people and maintaining a blog takes time. Some business owners simply don’t have the time to invest in creating regular content or making sure someone else does. Yet if a blog is not kept up to date it can reflect poorly on a business, making their website look abandoned.

Fear of Comments

Blogs are social channels, and the dialogue with your audience is just as important as the content you are creating.  Still, some people have an issue with online comments, fearing that uncertainty and potential for criticism that comes with opening yourself up to feedback. But if you aren’t talking to your audience, then you aren’t getting the most out of your blog. Blogs are all about interaction, so if you aren’t willing to encourage and engage in that interaction, then it might be best not to get into blogging. 

Getting Sidetracked

A high-quality blog can help you prove your industry knowledge, engage with your target audience, and generate leads. But entrepreneurs get so hung up on building a successful blog that they forget about all of the other important aspects of running their business. Your blog is an extension of your business, a smaller part of a wider whole. Don’t forget that.  

Whether you should start a blog for your business ultimately comes down to what your goals are and whether or not you have the time and money to invest in doing it right. An engaging and consistently updated blog can go a long way towards building up your brand recognition and even generate leads, though it still requires a degree of commitment in order to be truly successful. It isn’t for everyone, and business owners should be cautious about creating a blog without a clear plan for it. Still, for many entrepreneurs, it is an ideal way to build up their business and connect with their target audience.

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